Meesapulimala is one of the top honeymoon destinations in South India.

Meesapulimala is one of the top honeymoon destinations in South India.

Meesapulimala the hill valley is located at Idukki district in the Kerala state. The lovely hills are 1600 meters above from the sea level. The green covered mountains are just nearby Munnar, another lovely place for travelers. Meesapulimala is known as “hills of gods” and it’s a fast-growing tourist destination in the southern states.

Arthur Wellesley had found Meesapulimala years before and he kept the area as his private place. He had come from Coimbatore to Idukki for doing tea farming and located Meesapulimala and stayed there in small huts. He used to do trucking over there and still most of the travelers come over there to do the trucking experiment.

Later Wellesley his Meesapulimala camp for this business deals such as ivory and peacock feathers. The traders find a place to stay at Munnar while they came to deal with Wellesley and later Munnar become the trading point for them. The traders spread the experiment about the Munnar to the world and people started visiting the place.

Meesapulimala, a cheetah head shaped green mountains are the heaven for travelers. Tent camping and trucking are the main attraction for international travelers here. Others come here to experiment on the hill beauty. The ancient village has lots of places to explore. Each lovely hill has 100 of a story to say.

The amazing climate is always attracting a couple to select Meesapulimala as their honeymoon place. The greenish valleys make these days special for them. A tent camping on the hilltop will be a special nightlife for couple travelers. Campfire is a special experience for travel lovers at Meesapulimala mostly honeymoon couples want campfire ambiance to make their night special.

Travel groups can ask for the tour operators to book special campfire events for the group. DJ with a campfire or dance can be arranged at Meesapulimala hills for the combined travel group. To get a “wow” experience, try campfire with grilled foods.