A patient was blocked and fined Rs.500 as she was heading to the hospital in Nedumangad.

A preceding councillor, KJ Binu, alleged that police had forcefully stopped and harassed him while taking his wife to the hospital.

According to Binu, after showing hospital records, the police did not allow him to travel and fined his wife Rs.500 for not wearing a helmet. The victim lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and the Chief Minister over the police misbehavior.

Binu’s wife, Jisha, who was staying at home due to Covid, also suffered from pneumonia and took injections from Nedumangad district hospital every four hours for the last two days.


Last evening, as his wife was suffering from shortness of breath and an ambulance was not available to take her to the hospital, he put his wife in the back seat of his two-wheeler, and police stopped and fined them while they were on their way to the hospital.

Police have demanded a fine for violating triple lockdown rules. According to Binu, although he convinced SI by showing him the hospital records, he kept them there for some time without allowing them to go to the hospital and, During the period, his wife had struggled a lot with the breathing issue.

Binu has lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, the District Collector and the District Police Chief in connection with the denial of treatment by a police officer responsible for conveying sufferers to the hospital in a necessity.


Binu, who was a councillor in the Nedumangad municipality for a decade, says the police behave like a public worker. Then what would be the situation of the common people when such a tragedy occurs them?

After the news went viral on social media, people wanted immediate action against the one responsible for the misbehave.