Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt escaped from goons attack in Kerala.

Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt escaped from goons attack in Kerala.

As Kerala claims it is God’s own country, most of the time the tourist feels its the devil’s own country. The recent attack on Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt and his family at Alappuzha in Kerala proves it again. More than 30 party criminals blocked him in a houseboat and tried to attack physically; about this incident he says, “I was feeling like I am in front of a robbers group with guns”

It’s a big shame for the Kerala Government and the tourism department. From the last three years, Kerala Tourism facing and minus growth rate and kind of incidents will brake the backbone of the Kerala Tourism Industry.

According to Kerala Police, Michael Levitt- the Nobel Prize in winner, was in Alappuzha with his family and was blocked by the protesters near Kainakary, Alappuzha.

The party workers are entered in the houseboat and tried to attack the boat driver while Levitt’s wife hides inside the room to save herself. The family has very upset about the incident and they were planning to leave Kerala in the day itself.

According to Mr. Raageesh, a tour operator based in Alappuzha says, this kind of incident will definitely hit very badly the tourism business. Once the bad news appears on the internet, tourist will change their destination to Goa. Most of the houseboat business is not in a profit mode, and they are on the edge of a closing stage. The government should take strong actions against the criminals who were tried to attacked Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt, it may help to improve the situation.

Image credits: YouTube