Walayar case: BJP produced more evidence.

Walayar case: BJP produced more evidence.

There’s a mother, sitting within a broken-down house in Walayar, crying about the premature death of her two young daughters in the last couple of months. Neither her husband nor anyone can console her since the Palakkad POSCO Courtroom has lately acquitted the defendant citing the lack of evidence.

She further slammed the LDF government and state police. According to the Walayar case- the victim’s mother’s statement,” I have seen my daughter getting sexually assaulted by the convicts. I had revealed this to the police authorities, but they all are trying to save them. I have not been informed anything about the investigation, and I don’t even have any updates about this case”.

When quizzed about the CPIM political interference in the Walayar case, she stated that the investigation was greatly affected by the accused’s political relations.

Walayar case BJP protests

State-wide protests against the acquittal of all of the accused at the sexual assault and suicide of two minor Dalits sisters in Walayar in Palakkad is getting stronger. The protestors are accusing the Kerala police and prosecution for failing to demonstrate the accused’s participation in the case. The accused belong to the CPIM, the ruling party, and helps them escape from the law.

Minister of State for External Affairs, V. Muraleedharan, today smashed against the Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan, who also heads the Home Ministry in Kerala. Mr. Muraleedharan asked, who does the Chief Minister fear he doesn’t dictate a CBI re-investigation in the Walayar case. The Central Minister also stated that the sight of two small girls hanging into their home had stunned the Kerala psyche’s consciousness.

BJP-Minister, Muraleedharan, choose Facebook to criticize the Kerala Chief Minister. He asked the CM to be more responsible and provide justice to the two sisters who were supposed to enjoy their childhood years. He also stated that the CPIM is hushed when the accused belongs to the communist party.

Muraleedharan subjected the party’s hypocrisy by saying that the party has changed its outspoken stand of being pro-poor and pro Dalit when the accused belonged to the CPIM. The central Minister added that Kerala police failed to inquire when the elder sister’s postmortem report pointed to rape.

This shows that efforts were on to assist the accused in the Walayar case. Additionally, after 52 days of the suicide of her older sister, her sister was also found dead by hanging. Shockingly, her postmortem report states that she has been sexually assaulted. Nevertheless, the Kerala government and police authorities and prosecution failed to provide justice to the two sisters.

In the meantime, the Yuva Morcha State Secretary, Sandeep Warrier, has attracted out incriminating evidence that the young sister was a witness to the murder of her older sister. Warrier produced a copy of the report on the police officer who investigated the suicide.

Warrier said that the authorities and CPIM conspired to protect the accused since they belonged to the communist party. He also blamed Congress for assisting CPIM to undermine the case. In another event, ABVP activists that protested against the shoddy investigation and CPIM’s support to the accused at the suicides were thrashed by many and authorities activists arrested.

Image credits: Sandeep G Varier