Young girl sexually tortured at Meenkara dam in Pollachi

Young girl sexually tortured at Meenkara dam in Pollachi

A 17 years old minor girl has kidnapped from Meenkara dam. Sexually abused her, and robbed her gold chain at the downside hill at Karadikunnu on Thursday noon. The accused Saravana Kumar, native at Pollachi had arrested for threatening and sexual torturing.

The girl had visited the Meenkara dam along with a male friend and the accused Saravana Kumar was doing fishing at the dam and approached them as security officer-in-charge and demand a safety check.

He took over their mobile phones and asked both of them to leave the place. He allowed the boy to leave on his bike and the girl had traveled by bus to her place. He followed the bus and Saravan gets in the bus in between and approached the girl to inform her friend is waiting near-by and offered help to her to reach him.

He took her into the downside hill at Karadikunnu and had tortured sexually and left her at the cannal stop near Empathanur. The girl called her male friend on his mobile and he reaches there and took off her from there and reach the hospital.

On Friday they went to Meenakshipuram police station and had filed a complaint against Saravana Kumar. Later Kollengode police had arrested him according to the Meenakshipuram police report.

On police record, Saravana Kumar has been accused of two robbery case and still facing the legal fights. He has been working as a supervisor at Muthalamada Narippara farm since last one year.

Photo credits: The Independent