Pathiramanal is the land for Kingfisher!

Pathiramanal is the land for Kingfisher!

For world travellers, kingfishers at Pathiramanal has made this season special to make them a wildlife portfolio. Pathiramanal is heaven for bird’s lovers at this year season. Kingfishers are the main attraction for travellers interested in photography.

International bloggers also started writing about Pathiramanal features on travel blogs. Pathiramanal is a highlight of Kumarakam. The land of lake water is always the pleasure of sharing land for world-travelers.

According to Harvi, the first time we are watching lots of kingfishers together like a birds-hub. It’s just amazing! Harvi and his wife an Australian tourist couple have been exploring the Kumarakam for last 3 days and the couple just loves the place Pathiramanal. Small long tail Multi-colored Kingfishers are made their day on. Mrs.Harvi had enough pictures for her fashion blog and she is again made herself busy to get more.

Harvi can’t stop talking about Kumarakam. This his second trip to Kerala, last time he wouldn’t make a trip to Kumarakom. After 3 years later he and his wife have been made their dream tip to Kumarakam.

They had booked a houseboat trip and they enjoyed it on the first day itself. Kuttanadan fish curry, it had an amazing experience for them at the houseboat. They had read about Pathiramanal on a travel guide from the houseboat.

According to Caran, it’s an iconic destination. She just loves the place. The forest land itself colored it head with light bright green to welcome the guests. Over 100 beautiful birds have made Pathiramanal forest as their first home.

It’s easy to reach Pathiramanal for newcomers. From Cochin airport, you can take a cab to Kumarakom or you can take a train to Kottayam and from their just 20 min drive to Kumarakom.

Photo credit: San Diego