Police stopped toll collection at Kollam bypass.

Police stopped toll collection at Kollam bypass.

Image credits: vecteezy

Police have stopped collecting tolls from the Kollam bypass today. Company officials have been instructed to stop doing collection until an order issued from the state authorities.

Police said the collection would not be allowed without the order of the district collector. The toll booths were closed by the police. Company officials were instructed to stop doing the collection for the time being.

Toll officials have decided phase for now, and the final decision would be made once the project manager arrives at the site.

Toll collection has started without the permission of the state government, and the company’s move was to collect the toll from today morning. The police said that the toll collection could be started only with a copy of the order of any kind. Toll collection was supposed to begin at 8 p.m.

The Kollam district collector’s office was informed through a WhatsApp message that the toll collection would start late last night. Company officials reported to the district administration that they had received permission from the central government.

However, Kollam District Collector B Abdul Nasser told the media that the company would be responsible for any law and order situation. The Minister of Public Works, G. Prasad, has asked the National Highways Authority to waive the toll in an official mail.