Sunburn, two people died in Kerala

Sunburn, two people died in Kerala

Two people had died after the direct hit of sunburn at Vellarada in Trivandrum. Both had a sunburn from the open space where they doing their works. The incidents happened on Wednesday and   Thursday in the post noon time period.

Puthanveetil Sunu was working in an open paddy field and his skin started burning and he falls into death. He was alone in the paddy field while he had the sunburn. After two hours his co-workers found his body lying down at paddy field. Renuka is his wife. Swapna and Swantana both are his daughters.

Another sunburn incident is also reported at Manakkadu in Trivandrum. Maliyedam veetil Thankappan is another one who died after the sunburn. He was also working in an open face farm near Manchamcodu in Theruvukonam. Valsala is his wife. Sreejitha is daughter, Sreejith and Sreekanth both are his son.

Last year 3 people are died after hitting the sunburn during the season in the Kerala state. Every year the sunburn death ratio is increasing all over the country. As the sunburn ration increased it hardness also increased to cause death.

This summer season the first sunburn death was reported in Andhra Pradesh. It was also hit a farmer who had worked at an open place. The only way to escape from the sunburn is, avoid working in the open place in the mid-noon until the sun rays getting lighter.  

How can we save self from sunburn?

Try to stay away from the direct sun in the noon. Avoid working or walking in an open place where the sun rays can direct hit. While going outside take the necessary safety precaution to avoid sunburn.

Always wear sunglass to avoid the direct hit sunburn to your eyes. Get skin creams to apply it before getting into the open space.   Drink more water every day to keep away the dryness.  Try to wear clothes that cover the full body and wear a cap to cover the head.

Image credits: NZ Herald