Terrorists had planned to blast all over Kerala.

Terrorists had planned to blast all over Kerala.

Riyaz Aboobacker (25) arrested by the NIA for his connection with international terror group ISIS from Muthalamada, Palakkad. He had revealed their shocking plan to NIA about to blast all over Kerala including Thrissur Pooram, the most prestigious festival of Kerala.

NIA is suspecting more than 100 Malayali’s are associated with the ISIS connection and the Sri Lankan blast. The investigation agency had the details about 60 IS militant from Kerala and all of them already in the NIA’s watch list. The IS Kerala militant has a different strategy to grow their deep roots in the state. They create youth moments for religious guidance and attract youngsters to it and later convert them as a terror militant. A special team has been doing enquire about their source of fund and the cash management chain to Kerala.

They were planned to do a serial blast all over Kerala same like Mumbai blast in 1993. Riyaz Aboobacker was the operation charge in Kerala. Alias Abu Dujanan was another partner in crime from Kerala. Alias also now under custody and interrogation is processed to find his immediate chains in Kerala.

Riyaz was in touch with an IS militant over a year through the phone from Sri Lanka to do a militant operation over there.  After the FBI team was launched a special investigation following the Easter blast in Sri Lanka found the connection of Riyaz Aboobacker in the massive terror attack.

Riyas and Alias were planned to make a serial blast on last New Year event where the maximum crowd gathers for New Year party. Central intelligence had informed about the terror growth in Kerala but the state had hideout the important notice.

Photo credits: FB