Toolkit released to spread contrary news about India.

Toolkit released to spread contrary news about India.

While the country was reeling from the Covid epidemic, the media found and came up with evidence that many things were planned to humiliate the country. This exposed a huge plot aimed at destroying the image of the country. Many of the things mentioned in it were spread by various online media and social media.

Furthermore, the tool kit suggests that footage of dead bodies being burned and panicked be widely disseminated, and that celebrities who donate to PM Cares be insulted and attacked in cyberspace.

1. Propagate that the Kumbh Mela is the main reason for the spread of Covid. Spread the word that Eid-Gahs is a combination of love and happiness.


2. Distribute as many images of corpses and funerals as possible; there are numerous videos available online. Share it by adding local footage as well.

3. Plan ahead of time to reserve all available hospital beds. Help only those who request help on the Youth Congress Page. Give preference and help to journalists who come in need. The absence of a BJP system should give the impression that the Congress has stepped in to save the day.

4. Undermine PM Modi in every way possible. Manage experts and celebrities to advocate for an adverse reaction to India through the global media.


5. Make allegations against Gujarat.

6. Establish that the Central Vista Project is a luxury home for Modi; be sure to share it to the maximum.

7. When talking to the media about Covid in India, they brand it as the Indian variant. On social media, they describe it as the ‘Modi variant.

8. Find celebrities who assisted and supported the PM CARES initiatives and slam them on the internet.

9. Use hashtags such as “Missing Amit Sha” and “Modi.”

Others argue that people need to read and respond to the lewd messages of political mudslinging even in the middle of a pandemic.