What is the objective of women’s wall in Kerala? Why leading women writers are hide behind the wall?

What is the objective of women’s wall in Kerala? Why leading women writers are hide behind the wall?

The Kerala government-sponsored women’s wall is not getting much interest from the women writers and leading political thinkers from the state. Most of them are against the wall. Its braking something in between the women itself?

The LDF government is branded the women’s wall as it for the renaissance. The Kerala state has been welcomed renaissance for the state since years. But why the women thinkers are not with the government and some already had declared their position will be the opposite side of the women’s wall.

As the APP party leader Sara Joseph had sated that she will not support the women’s wall until the government should declare the objective of it. Also, she had demanded action against MLA Sasi for doing sexual harassment on a women party worker.

Lots of women in Kerala asking the real objective of the women’s wall. It’s for women’s safety in the state?

According to Latha Vijan from Ananthapuri said to the CBC news “Instead of spending 50 cores for women’s wall from the government fund, they should use it to build better sanitary systems in the town for women’s and kids”. “Otherwise let the government invest this money for poor girl’s education that will at least bring a smile at some faces”. She added.

The lady superstar Manju Warrier has removed her stones from the women’s wall. She had found the hidden politics behind the wall and had said no to the brake-up wall.

Activist Nilima Sheikh said, “the wall will break the freedom to move, instead of making walls between the people they should have to make a path for women to move ahead to better heights”.

The real funny thing is all pillars behind the women wall are men, its look like a set of male people are having some agenda behind it and no plan for to cooperate with their women’s wall idea anymore.

The Pinaryi Vijayan the founder of women’s wall idea can’t build trust in between the women in the state. There is no clear objective to convince them and bring them into the picture. The core management group behind the women’s wall are some cast base leaders and no single women in the core committee.

How an event for women protection can lead by community leaders and what role for the cast leaders in women renaissance program? Women wall could be for all women who safer in the mental and sexual torturing in the public place and the work place. The government should at least file a police case and start an inquiry about the MLA who had abused a women party worker. Then we can say the real renaissance is happening for the women in Kerala.

Spending 50 cores for just a day event? That too the government fund? I can’t see any logic in this. Instead of wasting this money the government should have invested this money for developing small women empowering units that’s create more job opportunity for the young women. Deepa rani a Kollam resident told to the CBC news.

This women’s wall not for any women in the state, it’s just to divide people based on cast and that is a need for some political party today to exist. Deepa Added.

The important thing that we have to notice now is the government trying all way to get women and kids to get participate in the women’s wall and they are still not enough contributions from any women organization. Spending 50 cores from government funds and the LDF party has collected some cores from the public to promote the women’s wall. The point is that recently the devotee in Kerala had organized an “Ayappjoyothi” all over Kerala and involvement of 21 lacks people made a big success of it.

The Ayappajothi was organized without any fund from government or public, no one had forced to attend the event all participants are joined to the event themselves. The event organizers were expected 8 lack participation and it covered 21 lacks only in Kerala. The “Jyothi” crossed Kerala and lighted most of the part of India and even some places International too.