Kerala police hit an aged woman very badly for no reason. Bones are broken and admitted at hospital.

Kerala police hit an aged woman very badly for no reason. Bones are broken and admitted at hospital.

Seriously its tough time a family! It’s the time or an urgent action from the state governor or the central home ministry to save a family from the Kerala police brutal attack. The left government police are now like a hunter dog. They are really out of control. The most examples for this, DySP B. Hari Kumar, did murder and just escaped.

Now let’s come back to the point, how male police can beat an aged woman? For any reason, it’s a clear criminal act. Ommana, 71 years old had the bad luck to get hits by Palode station C.I Manoj Kumar.

The incident took place last night; a police team had broken to Mr.Manoharan’s house located at Palode in Trivandrum district.

Manoharan, a cancer patient, shocked at police attack at midnight, a team was heading with C.I Manoj Kumar started attacking him and his wife Ommana tried to stop police doing the illegal act and they treated the old lady very badly. Her head hardly pushed towards the wall and twisted on her hand and it broken.

The police was come to arrest her son Sajeev for being part of the Sabarimala protection to prevent the women activists’ entry to the shrine. It is the way Kerala police make an entry into a civilian’s house.

Police were in the mood to blast, they really did it on Sajeev and they share it with his wife too. Thy made this illegal actions in front of their kids.

Ommana under serious medication at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, she had a serious injury at the internal abdomen. Police had kicked her stomach that made her serious illness.

Police are trying to implement the left government agenda on devotees. 4000 devotees were arrested for attending “namajapa yathra” (a movement to save devotees traditions and believes)

The left government misusing the police force to implement their Chines strategy at Kerala. The police attack on old women is an injustice act. Told V.V Rajesh (BJP state leader) told media while he visits Ommana in hospital.

Manoharan’s stage also getting bad after the police attack on him, he might be shifted to hospital for better treatment as well.

Ommana and her family need justice and immediate legal action should be taken on the criminal police act.

Photo credit: Facebook – V.V Rajesh

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