Meesapulimala a favorite tourist destination at Idukki.

Meesapulimala a favorite tourist destination at Idukki.

Meesapulimala rises as large mountain streams merge. It’s one of the highest hills in the Western Ghats of Kerala. Its height is about 8662 feet above ground level. Meesapulimala was a non-seasonal outhouse for the British rulers before independence. Later, it transformed into a honeymoon destination for couples from Southern India. As a tourist destination, the specialty of Meesapulimala has cost-effective places and enough low-cost hotels and homestay accommodations with homely food.

Meesapulimala: The name obtains from the fact that it has been formed by a few peaks which began like a leopard’s head. It is located in the Idukki district of Kerala. Anaimalai and Palani hills are two other top stations nearby. Munnar is a famous tourist destination, and it is just 21 kilometers away from Meesapulimala.

People also visit the top station and Kolukkumalai tea plantation while making a trip to Meesapulimala. Tipadamala has also been a tourist attraction in the area.

Trekking in Meesapulimala

Treks to the peak of Meesapulimala, connected through the Rhodo Valley, are among the top activities for tourists on this hill. A few hotels organize it in association with trekking clubs as part of their business package. The Kerala Forest Development Corporation also has a trekking group at Meesapulimala, and interested groups or individuals can register to join the trekking team.

In some seasons, trekking bookings are lean, and the trekking path from Kolukkumalai to Meesapulimala is limited. It has mostly happened during heavy rain or hill falls.

There is an excellent chance of sighting wildlife, including Nilgiri Thar, deer, wild gauger, bear, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, and flycatcher. The spell is up to the group member’s physical fitness. Mostly, it will take approximately 9 hours to outright a trekking trip.

Walk through the fresh air, greenery, and increasing fog. Nature’s designed eco-system is so peculiar to the Meesapulimala. Ascend the hill, enjoy the breathtaking views of Munnar’s vast plains on your east and the never-ending tea gardens on your west.

Reach Munnar in the early morning. You can join the trekking team and transfer towards Silent Valley, the starting point for the trek, which is about 15 kilometers from Meesapulimala.

The site also has wildlife – sometimes you will get lucky to see big tusker elephants, bears, and sambar, which are regular trespassers for the traveler’s camera.

What else can we do at Meesapulimala?


Once you are done with your trucking, another exciting activity is a campfire on the hilltop. Most tour operators will make arrangements for it based on the guest’s request. Some hotels have a tent facility to make your Meesapulimala trip very special.

Explore tea garden.

An evening walk in the tea garden is a fantastic experience for travel freaks. The mesmerizing breeze will take you to another world. The availability depends on a prior booking with the hotel. You can experiment with the tea plantation nearby, Meesapulimala. Tea cultivation and processing will be an exciting factor during your tea garden visit.

Jeep trip from Meesapulimala.

The magnificent hill station provides jeep trips to nearby tourist attractions such as Munnar and other relevant travel sports. The stretch drive will be an exceptional experience for off-road lovers. Make sure you have experimented with it before leaving Meesapulimala.

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