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Nedumkandam custody murder: Torture was for money.

Two police officers were arrested in the Nedumkandam custody murder case. Sub-inspector K A Sabu and CPO Sajeev Antony are the main accused in the torture and murder case. The torture was to fix a deal on the money involved in the loan scam. According to the crime branch, more police officers are involved in the custody murder case and soon more arrest might happen.

Nowadays its phenomena to loot the financial fraud case money from the accused and distribute within a police officers group. The motive behind, Nedumkandam custody torture was to locate the scam money to loot them self for personal gain.

Ex. Sub-inspector K A Sabu who swooned soon after the arrest and he has been admitted in the general hospital.


Forty-nine-year-old Rajkumar, who was taken into custody in connection with a financial scam case on June 12, was allegedly tortured by police officers at Nedumkandam Police Station for four days following which he died at the Peermedu sub-jail.

The opposition had put the LDF government in the dock over the custodial murder and had raised the issue in the Assembly demanding a judicial inquiry.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had assured that the government would not protect any erring policeman involved in the illegal custody and murder case.


“No one has the right to keep any person in custody illegally or beat them until death. Such people will no longer be there in the state police service,” Vijayan had told the state Assembly.

Four police personnel– including the sub-inspector, assistant sub-inspector and two drivers of Nedumkandam Police Station-were suspended and eight others transferred in connection with the incident.

Rajkumar’s death had triggered widespread criticism of the state police and the home department, headed by the chief minister.

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