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Nedumkandam police station: A hell in the state.

After the custodial murder of Rajkumar, the same police station again scoring in another custodial torture. This time is the victim is Hakkim.

After the custodial murder of Rajkumar, the same police station again scoring in another custodial torture. this time is the victim is Hakkim.

Even as the state government tries desperately to hold its ground in the Rajkumar custodial murder case, a new custodial torture allegation has been reported from the very same Nedumkandam police station in Idukki, putting the Home Department under added pressure. The most important thing is, no case has been registered against the criminal police officers who are involved in the custodial murder of Rajkumar.


Hakkim, 31, of Mundiyeruma, has come up with a shocking revelation that he was severely assaulted by the Nedumkandam police after he went to the station following a complaint filed by his father-in-law over a family dispute.

Another victim, Hakkim had heard Rajkumar screaming.

Hakkim told media that he had heard the screams of someone being tortured (purportedly Rajkumar).


“While I writhed in the station cell that night, I had heard the sound of someone screaming from the police restroom,” he said.

Hakkim said the police called him to the station for an initial inquiry and tortured very badly on June 14. Hakkim took medical assistance first at the taluk hospital and later at a private medical center following the hard torture.

“The police officers who were on duty at the Nedumkandam police station attacked me in a group after conducting a medical assessment. They very badly hit me in an area where CCTV cameras couldn’t capture the visuals. They kicked me in my stomach and beat me all over my body with wooden and metal roads. When the police violence became unbearable, I ran away from their clutches and stood holding on to the cell grill,” Hakkim said.

Hakkim alleged the police did not spare him even as he ran and continued beating him severely. They were hitting me like drug addicts and was enjoying my pain as a sadist.

One side of the grill got damaged in the impact of the bad assault. The Nedumkandam police continued beating him even after he was thrown on to the cell floor. When Hakkim’s mother came to the station the following day morning, Hakkim was found in a worn-out condition in the cell.

Hakkim alleged the police was not given even a glass of water after the torture. The police again beat him in front of his mother and demanded Rs 4,000 from them to repair the damaged grill and threatened Hakkim would be charged with a non-bailable offense. The grill was repaired after bringing a welder into the station and Rs 700 was collected from Hakkim to pay him.

The mother said she pleaded with the officers to not beat his son, saying he was a diabetic and hypertension patient. But they did not listen to her. Hakkim was remanded by the police on June 15 and was released only on Monday night after granting bail.

After the LDF government in power, the custodial death and torture are in everyday news. Most of the time the criminal police are saving their position with the help of the union and party support. Senior officials support the criminal police and help them to vanish the case without any solid proof. The maximum punishment for them is a suspension, after a short time frame, the corrupted coups will be placed back in their respective role.

Image credits: Kerala Kaumudi

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