At the end Sabarimala is under High Court control: The biggest retaliation to the government and the police.

At the end Sabarimala is under High Court control: The biggest retaliation to the government and the police.

Now Sabarimala is under the full control of the High Court, the order issued by the Devaswom Bench of the Kerala High Court today. Literally, the court appointed a surveillance body on the Travancore Devaswom Board and the state government.

As we had reported before some important points are now noted by HC.  The government and Devaswom Board have made serious failings in the pilgrimage of Sabarimala,  Human rights violation issues raise. Ayyappa devotees are sent to the jail with Irumudikettu (Holy offering).

The pilgrimage is downgrading.

Ayyappa devotees have a strong sense of fear that it is the ultimate goal. Here court can only do something to save pilgrimage. The court should directly take over the Sabarimala pilgrimage this season. The court can do it easily. Let’s court find the real trouble makers at Sabarimala. This will ensure that pilgrims will not be deprived of sanniness in Sannidhanam and on the way. Now the HC has constituted a three-member Observatory at Sabarimala. Two of them are former High Court judges and another one is a former DGP. They will examine and evaluate matters in Sabarimala and will give the report to HC. That means HC is coming up above and controlling the Devasom Board, the police and the left government. Now the government’s political games and the police’s mistakes will be taken care directly by HC. The world is watching what is happening in Sabarimala. The holey hill has literally become a police barrack. The policemen can do anything for anyone in the name of safety. If there were attempts to break the tradition and customs at Sabarimala, the sanctuary is now even denied in the Sannidhanam and the sanctity of Ayyappa. Who has stopped the right of chanting prayers at Sabarimala Sannidhanam? And for what? This is not to be seen in the court?

The police who have protected the rights of the people, who came to the streets to do kiss at a public place, are arresting the Ayyappa devotees for chanting prayers. They are getting treated like criminals at the police station.

Charging fake case on them to trouble more! All of this police action and administrative terrorism have any secret agenda? Maybe after watching all this court must be decided to control the police act at the holy hills and took the control of Sabarimala. According to devotees, “Implementing section 144 at a pilgrim place, their over one lack devotees are coming every day is a part of the pilgrimage downgrading plan”. No mistake can be said the one says it. It is a thing that has not yet seen or heard in Kerala’s history.

The devotees who really tired while walking over the holy hills and the Kakki-team do not allow them for a moment to rest at Sannidanam. Their wired reason is that the place is under 144. Funny isn’t it?

If sit back somewhere and does chanting prayers, immediately arrest. Even at midnight, many devotees have to run through thick forests, with older women and small children from Sannidham. The devotees are coming with “Irumudikettu” are also prevents in the middle of the road. Even women are detained for hours in the forest and arresting them at midnight. They are policemen who do not know what to do with the arrest and the legal rights of women at night? Or you want that Ayyappa devotees to think that is the policy of the left government? According to section 46 (4) of the Criminal Procedure Rules, a woman cannot be arrested before sunrise and after the sunset. If it is any more urgent, then it will require prior approval of the Judicial First Class Magistrate.

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