Devasawom board in intense sorrow.

Devasawom board in intense sorrow.

President of Devaswom Board, who had come to perceive in the first 13 days revenue estimates from Sabarimala. Only 19.37 cores compared to Rs 50.58 cores last year.

In addition to the revenue loss from holy offerings from pilgrims, “aravana” and “appam” sale also not come up to expectations. Total revenue until now will not meet the cost of new policy implementation.

The atheist’s team, who come over to rule the Devaswom and make money from the Ayyappa’s holy hills are totally disappointed.

Section 144 implementation at a pilgrim place where lacks of devotees are coming daily is one of the reasons for the revenue loses this year.

According to this seasons 13 days financials at Sabarimala, every day 3 cores are less in the revenue compared to the last year pilgrim season. Last year used to sell Aravana for Rs. 16.5 cores and this year it had reduced to only 56 lacks. The left government should take initiative to save Devasawom Board and avoid un-wanted police camp from Sannidanam and section 144 should take out from this pilgrim place.

Photo credits: Ashoka News