Kakocracy kill Sabarimala.

Kakocracy kill Sabarimala.

A cleptocracy left government made the peaceful shrine in to a police hut. The most important thing is they are not allowing media to enter the Sabarimala.

What is this government want to hide at sabarimala from public? Police or a government doesn’t have any right to prevent the “Right to Know” (It is the species of the right to speech and expression provided by the Article 19(1) (a) of the constitution of India. A citizen has a fundamental right to access towards information. It is the duty of the state to protect the fundamental right.)

Left government filled with police everywhere at the Sabarimala hill shrine in Kerala ahead of ‘Chithira Aattathirunal’ to be celebrated on Tuesday. The Ayyappa temple will open on Monday evening for the occasion.

Pilgrims are started reaching at Nilakkal since today morning and police started taking ID cards, such as Aadhar to collect the personal data and doing checking inside “irummudikettu” (it’s supposed to be not to touch a person eating non-veg.)

The police act’s at Nilakkal is really heart the sentiment of real devotes who took 41 days holy fasting to reach the shrine to get peace and prosperity.

Now, police not allowing any bus to take pilgrims from Nilakkal to Pumpa and devotees are walking 18 kilometers to reach Pumpa.
The sacred grove of Sabarimala, situated in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, as well the base camps of Pampa and Nilackal, have been brought under strict entry for any one.

Police made hard actions against the backdrop of the ongoing agitation by various Hindu organizations opposing the activities women entry to the forest shrine.

The Sangh Parivar and Hindu organisations too have stepped up vigil against the possible entry of women activities in the restricted age group with police protection.

However, the police and the district administration have denied the reports that a few women have already sought protection for undertaking the pilgrimage on Monday and Tuesday.

The heavy police deployment at Sannidhanam (the deity’s abode in the hillock), besides Pampa in the foothills and at the base camp of Nilackal, has put the entire area on edge.

As many as 2,300 police personnel have been deployed at Sannidhanam alone under the direct control of Inspector General M.R. Ajithkumar.

On Sunday, the police permitted mediapersons to proceed to Pampa from Nilackal by 8.30 p.m. after strong protests.
However, the crew of television channels were not permitted to take their OB vans beyond Pampa-Triveni at Pampa, ultimately denying permission for live telecast from the Pampa Ganapati temple premises and from the Neelimala-bottom.

Woman police constables too have been deployed at Pampa and Nilackal. The District Police Chief, T.Narayanan, told media that a group of woman cops above the age of 50 years have also been kept ready for deployment at Sabarimala Sannidhanam as and when needed.

Photo credit: Rediff.com