Kerala police again in trouble.

Kerala police again in trouble.

Nayattinkara DYSP B. Harikumar again made his name in the police crime list. The incident started with a car parked in front of Hari Kumar’s friend’s house. While he is coming back from his friends’ house, he started an argument with another car driver, Sanal- a resident of Neyatinkara and working as an electrician.

The parking reached reach to manhandle and Hari Kumar pushes him in front of a moving vehicle on the road. He had not even considered taking Sanal into the hospital after he pushes him in front of the moving vehicle.

Police had filed a murder case against DYSP B.Harikumar but police not yet arrested him still now. Sanal’s relative complaining about that Hari Kumar is escaped with the help of police officers.

The incident happened at Kodagavilla a village at Nyattinakra in Trivandrum district.

At police records, B. Hari Kumar had bad service list. While he was working as CI at the fort police station, he had got punished one-year suspension for not following the security duties.

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