Police made Sabarimala a complete war field; mass arrest in Sannidhanam.

Police made Sabarimala a complete war field; mass arrest in Sannidhanam.

It is the first ever incident in the history of Sabarimala temple, devotees have been arrested without any provocation, in the odd hours at Sannidhanam. Police treated devotees as criminals as the devotees were chanting prayers at Sannidhanam.

Police dragged the devotees and trampled them with boots. Protests have been spreading statewide against the brutal act of police.

Tension gripped the hilltop Sabarimala shrine late on Sunday night as over 100 Ayyappa devotees suddenly gathered to chant hymns outside the temple. After nearly an hour-long stand-off, they were taken into custody and being brought downhill to the base camp.

The devotees, who surprised the police by gathering despite the heavy security deployment, refused to disperse from the area. There was a heated argument between Pratheesh Kumar (District Police Chief) and the devotees, which led to a scuffle and one devotee had admitted hospital.

When police tried to arrest one of the devotees, the protestors resisted, saying they can’t be arrested for chanting ‘Swami saranam’. Police backed down, apprehending a stampede-like situation.

A devotee from Chennai, said at Sabarimala, “It’s not a place to implement the chines rules, it’s a temple for devotees to pray peacefully. The police-raj at the shrine should stop immediately”. The left government wants to hide the corruptions regarding the disaster fund and for that they were creating issues at the shrine, using police force. He added.

Image credits: Janam TV