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Online Betting Market: Factors Responsible for the Continuous Growth.

In 2019, the estimated value of the world online gambling was reported to be $53.7 billion. Interestingly, the figure is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% in the next seven years. In other words, several top-rated online casinos will likely see more patrons in the coming ways.

Several factors are responsible for the growth of the online betting market globally. First off, the increased use of mobile phones and high internet penetration are considered as primary reasons. As technology continues to advance, and more telecommunication devices are being created, more individuals are spending additional time on the internet playing online games from their abode. In fact, many people engage in online gaming in public places with their phones.

According to a new report, the market is driven by corporate sponsorships, celebrity endorsements, legalization, and cultural approval, aside from the easy accessibility to online gambling. As more smartphones are being pumped into society, the growth of the online betting market is expected to rise.


With the internet serving as a platform for communication, several thousands of merchants, such as BettingSites24, now provide their services on the digital space. In the last ten years, the consumption of services from the virtual market has grown by 28% yearly. This is understandable as the growth rate of online casinos has continued to rise alongside the growing use of the world wide web. More so, the prevalence and keen awareness about the latest inventions have been suggested to increase the market growth.

As the internet continues to experience development in different sections, online casinos are improving annually – many of these casinos are available on Currently, thousands of online casinos with multiple online games are available for millions of gamers to enjoy. More so, a concerted effort is being made to achieve a strong reputation and credibility for the gambling market every year. For instance, is investing in information solutions to improve services to patrons. It is also working earnestly to provide watertight security to prevent scams and fraud cases on betting sites. Besides, most online gambling sites are providing free game mode to their patrons – a marketing concept that drives more players to various betting sites.

From the technological and organizational perspective, online betting is already a global activity. Technologically, the internet is used as an effective medium to provide betting services. From the organization viewpoint, the betting market operates on multiple server points in different parts of the world. For instance, over 80 jurisdictions manage one or two forms of gambling in their regions.


From research, numerous countries are now legalizing betting more than ever. The reason is that it helps increase their employment rate as well as revenue generation. A good example is the United States of America. Some regions, such as North Carolina and Tennessee, just legalized betting within the country in the year 2019. Also, Virginia legalized a sporting bill in April 2020. Many other regions in the US have also legalized betting in the last few years. Besides, people can easily participate in gambling activities in real-time via the internet from the comfort of their homes.

Also, the number of sports followers are growing exponentially. As a result, more people are joining sportsbook online to bet. Among the most common sports betting include football, boxing, baseball, and hockey sports. The worldwide recognition of sports is promoting an online betting business.

Lastly, the latest invention, such as blockchain, is helping the growth of online betting. In recent times, many betting brands are integrating cryptocurrency technologies into their system as part of their finance department. By so doing, they earn more transparency and reliability values from their patrons. More so, it helps improve user experience. With more inventions, the online betting market is expected to keep growing in many years to come.

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