Pandemic poorly affected in the online film industry, says Abigail.

Pandemic poorly affected in the online film industry, says Abigail.

Shanaya Abigail, a model, actor, and filmmaker well known for her online movies, has spoken to NewsPlus about the current market condition of web movie production in the United States.

Abigail has owned a film production unit called “Abigail Studio,” with more than 100 artists and talents working. According to Shanaya Abigail, women’s colleagues have significant issues, and most of them are jobless. Some had faced trouble after the daycare closed and had to find time for themselves to take care of their kids.

The epidemic recession has smacked the world economy and people’s lives. The Web series and the online movie industry are more women-oriented sectors in the United States. Shanaya Abigail is trying to find solutions to make her crew members’ lives more comfortable and keep them at their job scheduled.

After she had talked to her colleagues, Abigail realised that closing school and daycare had made a big mess in their lives, and it was the prime reason for them to skip their work. Most of the mothers have housekeeping responsibilities, so they have no other choice.

Abigail, who manages Abigail Studio’s catering service, is also a mother of two children.She can’t come to work because the daycare and school have both stopped working.

At the same time, “The effects on family life and financial stability are overwhelming.” The current situation keeps women away from shooting locations; the situation is not allowed to hire for new projects. For talents, it may be just a short break in their career, and a limit on their savings. On the other hand, it’s a massive disaster for the online film making industry,” Abigail added.

An idea from Abigail

According to Shanaya Abigail, her solution is simple. Equal house holding responsibility can help to get out of such a problem. Equality at home will help to share good thoughts and work. Taking care of their kids by both parents could reduce the household pressure. She can have more time to go to her workplace. It’s an extended term for supporting each other.

A mother sacrifices her child’s reward, “a thoughtful quote from Abigail,” to support her female colleague.

According to a recent DL study, the film production sector has a 17% job loss rate and 15% in women. The damage will continue to a certain extent till the pandemic situation gets over.

Casting Director-Abigail Studio

Lissy Thomas, working as a casting director for Abigail Studio, also felt the pain. Her boyfriend works in the media industry, and his job demands him to work full-time at the office, and he has no other choice. The couple has a child, and the current situation has forced them to keep all daycares closed; the only option is to stay at home to take care of their kids. Shanaya Abigail pointed out that “women always have no choice; they have to sacrifice their professional life to satisfy family needs.”

Abigail has offered her comfortable work hours, and Lissy cut her daily hours from eight to three as a casting director and production coordinator. If the daycare does not reopen in January, her only option is to resign from her position!

Risk and remuneration:

“In this epidemic, all of us are taking a big risk, but the remuneration is not worth enough,” says Abigail. “Film making is the most challenging job in this season; doing shoots with social distance is a time-consuming task and highly expansive as well. Every second costs for us, so it reflects on the crew’s remuneration as well.” She added.

Filmmaker: This is another role for Abigail.

In a short time, she made her brand name in the online world. After the immense success of her movie “Abigail Nurse,” she has gained another co-producer designation. Abigail has started producing movies. Later, she entered into the fashion and cosmetics business as well.

Abigail’s co-producer, Mimi Nelson, an authorised video publisher, has also faced school time. After shutting down, classes are moved online. As a single parent, she has no choice; until the schools are open, she has to stay home to take care of her kid.

“Mimi may not have any issues joining back with our crew once things are back to normal, but other female members on the artist side will face a tough time,” says Shanaya Abigail.

Reema Hush, a cinematographer at Abigail Studio, said, “We have seen recessions at various stages, and the truth is it affects the film industry first. But this is the first time I have seen a recession due to the daycare closure.”

“No one has ever noticed the importance of daycare centers; it’s just turned around the film industry as well as our country.” says Abigail.

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