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Pink Diamond breaks record; Sold for Rs 213 crore !!

The rare purple-pink gradient diamond had been sold at an auction. The diamond, known as The Sakura‘, had been sold for $ 29.3 million (Rs 213 crore). With this, Sakura became the most expensive diamond in the world. The auction was organized by Christie’s and it was held in Hong Kong last Sunday. The Japanese word sakura means “cherry blossom”.

Its brightness distinguishes the 15.81-carat diamond. The colour of this rare stone is a gradient of pink and purple. The diamond is encrusted on a ring made of platinum and gold. An Asia-based billionaire businessman acquired Sakura. But no further details about the purchase are available. Along with Sakura, another heart-shaped diamond had been sold sold at auction.

Sakura has surpassed the record of the pink diamond known as The Spirit of the Rose’. Before Sakura, it was the most expensive purple-pink diamond in the world. This auction was organized by Sotheby’s, an auction house in Geneva, last year. The precious 14.8-carat diamond had been sold sold for around Rs 195 crore.


The diamond, branded as The Sweet Heart‘, had been sold sold for $ 6.6 million (Rs 47 crore). TSH is a 4.2-carat pink coloured diamond ring.

Most expensive diamond

Currently, the most expensive pink diamond in the world is the ‘CTF Pink Star’. The 59.6-carat diamond sold at an auction for $ 71.2 million. The value of the Indian currency is approximately ‘515 crore. The CTF Pink Star had been sold sold at an auction at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong in April 2017.


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