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Planning to buy an AC? Know these 5 points before buying it.

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If you plan to buy an AC, it is better to have a detailed study of each brand and its functions & technology. When you are buying an AC, the first thing to consider is the room size; for a standard size bedroom, 0.8 ton – 1 ton AC is an ideal option. Only buy the brand with inverter technology if it’s for everyday use.

1. Retailers have the trends to push the brand what they have more befits in a sale, and they will try to convince customers to buy a single inverter or a double inverter AC; both are ideal for regular use for seasonal usage.


2. Three stars or five stars rated AC is enough for the short period of seasonal usage, like two or three months in a year. Keep in mind that the three-star rating AC is now the same as the previous five-star rating, and the star changes had happened due to the new energy rating regulations.

3. A copper coil used AC is better than the coil with an aluminum one. LG is one of the general suppliers of aluminum coil AC. The aluminum one is cheaper compare to copper.

4. Buy only an AC with five or more years of warranty; Godrej and Voltas have a long-term warranty. Check the online reviews about other good brands that provide long-term service warranty.


5. Don’t truest 100% on retailers about a brand; let them know that you are aware of the brands’ features and technologies.

Here is the list of a brand that consumers are marked.

Best Quality Brands (Costly to buy)
1. Mitsubishi (Japan)
2. Hitachi (Japan)
3. Daikin (Japan)

Better Quality Brands (Costly to buy)
1. Carrier ( USA)
2. O General (Japan)
3. Blue Star (India)

Good quality brands ( Affordable Price )
1. Voltas (India)
2. Panasonic (Japan)
3. LG (S Korea)
4. Whirlpool (USA)
5. Samsung (S Korea)
6. Toshiba (Japan)
7. Godrej (India)

Decent quality brands ( Normal Price range)
1. Haier (China)
2. Onida (India)
3. Lloyd (India)
4. IFB (India)
5. Hyundai (S Korea)
6. Sansui (Japan)
7. Gree (China)

Average quality brands ( Cheaper to buy)
1. Micromax (India)
2. Mitashi (India)
3. TCL (China)
4. Koryo (India)
5. MarQ (India)
6. Midea (China)
7. Livpure (India)
8. Ibell (China)

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