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Poultry farming business is an excellent opportunity for small-time farmers!

Poultry business is the fast-growing money making opportunity for small-time poultry farmers in India. The fast-growing poultry business sector has a huge demand in rural villages. The big opportunity is that multiple poultry farming companies are providing all guidance and support for the farmers to set up the home-based business.

The beauty of the poultry business is the farming companies will provide the poussin (small chicken) and the poultry feeds. The high protein content poultry food will make the chicken growth fast and the check will gain enough weight in 40- 45 days period. The poultry companies have sales option to take back the grown chicken to sell in their brand name. If the poultry farmers want to sell it to the end users that is more profit formula for farmers.

According to a business consultancy from Trivandrum, there is a huge demand for poultry business plan. Lots of working professionals started investing in the poultry business. The fast-growing poultry farming industry is a positive sign to attract more professionals to the poultry farming business. 10 billion chickens are raised by Indian poultry farmers every year and in the next 10, it will be increased to 25 billion.


The massive growth in the poultry farming business will create a new era in the poultry business in India. Chickens are raised for eggs and meat and both sectors are making enough profit in the poultry business. More than 500 small poultry farming units grow chicken in Kerala. The short time growth period reduces the risk and it attracts more house wife’s to start poultry farming.

Soybean and cornflour are mixed with some health supplement to make the poultry feeds. The innovated feed gain fast weight for chicken and keep it healthy.
This article provides some essay way of doing poultry farming. After reading this article you’ll learn about:
1. Meaning of Poultry Farming
2. Poultry Farming
3. Broiler Management
4. Poultry Business
5. Layer Management
6. Brooding
7. Cages
Poultry Breeding is defined as a term for keeping and disposing of birds such since fowl, chicken, duck, and fish for meat and egg. Poultry farming became popular because it’s relatively easy to start and maintain. Poultry birds and their egg whites are a rich supply of nourishment.

Frequent breeds of poultry birds: Indian poultry strains provide good quality chicken meat, but generates small sized eggs. They’ve natural immunity against common diseases compared with exotic types bred abroad that need greater security and immunization. The poultry is commonly categorized on the basis of its source.


Poultry Farming: Poultry production systems must offer clean air clean water and feed, protection against predators, shelter from the rain, cold, wind sunlight and excessive heat, and a heat source when chicken is young. Basically, the chicken will need to be able to grow, sleep and put eggs in comfort.

The poultry should also be free of stress and disease. The fundamental requirements for poultry farming are:
Protection from weather
Security from predators
Adequate space
Adequate ventilation
Clean surroundings

Accessibility to dust bathing facilities.
Space Prerequisites, Or density of Chicken per unit area: they are the most crucial basic principle in farming since the space available determines the amount and kind of poultry which may be kept.

Space design for a different type of poultry farm.
Method of poultry farming: Deep litter system: Birds are completely confined within the nest, but can move around freely. The floor is covered with a deep litter of grain husks, straw, wood chips or a similarly absorbent, non-toxicity material.

The fully enclosed system protects the birds from thieves and predators and is appropriate for specially selected commercial strains of egg or meat producing poultry.

Slatted floor systems: Wire or wooden slatted floors are used instead of deep litter, which allow stocking rates to be increased to five chicken of floor space.

Chickens have reduced contact with farces and are allowed some freedom of movement. Faces can be gathered from beneath the slatted floor and utilized as fertilizer.

Battery cage systems: This is usually used for laying poultry that is kept all through their productive life in small cages. There’s a high initial capital investment, and the system is largely confined to large scale commercial egg layer operations.

Broiler Management of Poultry: Since broilers are being reared for meat it’s essential which they always have an adequate supply of top quality broiler feed.

Here is the top 5 poultry farming company that helps the farmers to start a poultry business.

Suguna chicken
35 years old poultry business is part of the rural poultry farming business in India. Suguna poultry farm has highly professionals in the area of research and development section to come out with a real solution for small-time poultry farmers. Suguna poultry has helped more than 30,000 poultry farmers in India to grow their dream come true.

Suguna chicken has established a strong dealership network to distribute its chicken products all over India. Suguna chicken is one of the market leaders in giving the small chicken to farmers with feeds and recollect the grown chicken from poultry farmers based on the weight that the chickens gain in 45 days’ time. Suguna chicken has a major role in developing the rural farming sector financially and socially.

Venkys chicken.
Venkys is another good option for who is planning to start poultry farming. The Pune based Venkys chicken is associated with poultry farmers all over India. Venkys chicken products maintain their quality since they started. Venkys poultry farm also makes feeds for poultry in large scale. Venkys protein powder is rich in soya protein to the chicken to grow fast. The one is looking for to start a poultry farm can get in touch with Venkys professional team to get all guidance and help in the business area.

Shalimar chicken.
Shalimar chicken is another market player in the poultry farming business sector. Shalimar poultry works in the area of breeding farms, feed mills, hatcheries, layer farms, dairy, soya, processing plant, and aqua section. Poultry nutrition is the core business strength of Shalimar chickens.
Pre-starter, starter, and Finisher are three stage formula that Shalimar chicken use for their poultry farm business plan.

Simran poultry farm.
The Indore based Simran poultry farm is one of a leading player in the north Indian poultry farming sector. Later the company is widening its wings to all kind of poultry products and farming. Simran also giving farmers; business guidance and help in all area. Simran poultry farm has developed its own business models in poultry farming to generate healthy farming.

Sneha chicken
Hyderabad based Sneha chicken is a well know brand in the poultry farm business. There mainly into boiler integration, chicken feeds marketing, premixes and solvent extractions.

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