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Rajkumar Nedumkandam custodial torture and death. 4 cops suspended.

After a 49-year-old man from Nedumkandam, Idukki in Kerala died after being taken into police custody, his relatives have now alleged custodial torture.

The deceased, Rajkumar, was arrested by the Nedumkandam police on June 15 in a loan fraud case. According to the Nedumkandam police, Rajkumar had cheated people offering easy bank loan and took advance service charge, but he couldn’t manage to grand a loan to his customers.

However, Rajkumar’s relatives contravene the police version and say that he was taken for questioning on June 12.


“For 4 days he was in police custody, where he was beaten up very badly. His arrest was recorded on June 15 and on 16th he was produced before the court and remanded to judicial custody,” said Jacob, Rajkumar’s relative. 4 days police had tortured him very badly. He added.

Rajkumar was admitted to the Peermedu taluk hospital on June 21 and was declared dead soon after reaching.

Antony, another relative of Rajkumar’s, added that the post-mortem report showed injuries on the deceased, particularly on his thigh and leg. 32 hitting marks are on legs itself and hit foot was totally broken, all this showcases the depth of the custodial torture.


According to a medical expert, leg injuries on his legs shows the police brutality with rollers.

Rajkumar’s relatives have now approached the Chief Minister and the district Superintendent of Police to file complaints against the Nedumkandam police.

A total of 4 officers from the Nedumkandam police station including SI KA Sabu have been suspended following a preliminary investigation.

These include SI KA Sabu, ASI CB Rejimon, drivers Niyas, and Sajimon and Antony.

Six other officers from Nedumkandam station, including the CI Reji M Kunhiparambil, civil police officers Biju Lukose, Shaji, Rajesh and Geethu Gopinath have been transferred by the District Superintendent following Rajkumar’s death.

The action was taken after irregularities in the preliminary investigation came to light.

The CI of Nedumkandam has now been shifted to the Mullaperiyar police station. A top-level meeting held with Kochi Range IG Kaliraj Mahesh Kumar led to the action against the criminal officers.

Speaking to media, Kattapana DySP Rajmohan said, “As far as the police records go, Rajkumar was arrested on June 15. Further, the post-mortem reports clearly indicate that pneumonia was the cause of death.

Although there are a few abrasions and contusions below his waist, there is no trace of injuries on any organ on his upper body.”

Rajkumar was running a finance consultancy call Haritha Finance and he was dealing with investment and bank loans.

Two police drivers were leading the custodial torture and others were following their action. A reliable source told CBC.

The cops threaten him to hide about the custodial torture in the court and offered him an easy escape from this case.

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Two Kerala policemen sentenced to death in Udayakumar custodial death case.

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