Police registered a case against GNPC Group for Promoting Alcohol Use.

Thiruvananthapuram police have registered a case against the admin Ajith Kumar and other moderators of the GNPC group. A new allegation was raised about the group is it tempting the alcohol usages to its group members.

According to the Kerala excise department, the largest Facebook secret group is dangerous for youth and our society. The group promotes alcohol and illegal drinking habits such as drinking in public places and vehicles. The GNPC group organizes illegal events and get-togethers to encourage bars within the group members for financial gain. Promoting alcohol abuse through the GNPC group should stop immediately, and the necessary action will be taken place for it. Excise officials added.

A-20-lakhs, members joined the GNPC group now under the scrutiny of police and excise departments. Both departments have evidence that the GNPC admin Ajith Kumar has allegedly conducted liquor parties in India’s various parts. Every weekend is party days for the group admin, and he gets financial gain from it.

GNPC Malayali group ‘glassile nurayum plateile curryum’ gross a million members.

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