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School of Agriculture has started a new course in Poultry Farming.

The main objective of Poultry Farming course is intended to develop and strengthen Human Resource by infusing knowledge and skill in chicken meat generation through Open and Distance Learning Mode.

This course will help to create awareness about the opportunities for employment and livelihood in the Poultry Farming sector; and impart basic knowledge and technical proficiency in poultry breeding, poultry cage, management, food, and nutrition.

Poultry farming course has been developed in collaboration with the IGNOU Regional Centre, Aizawl, and EDNERU. The chicken farming course is intended to provide basic knowledge and technical skills in the areas of Poultry Feeding, Housing, Management, and Health Care.


This course also aims to develop human resource in the area of Poultry Farming. The knowledge imparted shall facilitate better management of poultry in scientific lines which in turn will improve productivity.

Poultry Farming has been one of the most important subsidiary occupations of the farming community in India.

Poultry Farming is a remunerative business both in rural and urban areas due to the requirement of small space, low capital investment and quick return throughout the year.


It has a significant role in the eradication of malnutrition and poverty as well as eliminating un- and under-employment among the rural masses. However, due to the lack of a modern and updated method of farming, farmers are practicing their own way which has been found to be unproductive and not commercially viable.

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