Sexual assault on a sleeping older man; 38-year-old arrested.

Sexual assault on a sleeping older man; 38-year-old arrested.

Woman jailed for trying to have sex with a married man. She was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. This incident took place in London a year ago.

A married man ‘panic’ when he awakens to an inebriated lady performing a sex act on him.

Marie Le-Mar, 38, was the accused. The tragic incident happened days before last year’s lockdown, and the assault occurred in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

After a night party, she broke into his room and tried to have sex with a man while his sleep. His wife was in another room due to his excessive snoring.

He told the court that he thought his wife was having sex with him in the dark, and he had started to enjoy it. But when Marie Le-Mar fell out of bed, the half-asleep older man realized that it was not his wife who was alone with him on the bed. He informed the court about this.

The older man, realizing that his wife was not near him, immediately turned on the light and saw naked Marie. He informed his wife and police as soon as he found out that she was drunk.

Mari had done many things to resist her arrest. She also attacked a police officer to escape from there. The police submitted a video, and it shows the officer getting kicked in the chest with her bare feet.

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