Shanaya Abigail gets into a commercial mode with ‘Coffee days’

Shanaya Abigail gets into a commercial mode with ‘Coffee days’

After being the superstar in the online movie world, Shanaya Abigail is coming up with a commercial mode movie titled ‘Coffee days’. In this film, her audience will see Shanaya in a new perspective than her all old movies. Abigail-D-Mark has produced the film; it’s a new production company started by Shanaya Abigail and her new business partner Liam Khadra.

Shanaya revealed the name of her new movie last week at a private event in New York. She also announced her new production venture “Abigail-D-Mark”. Both partners of the new joint venture have mutually appointed a new brand consultant for their new film, Coffee days’ promotion and digital marketing.

Coffee days will be a new perspective and just experimenting a fourth revolution trend, and it will be a women-oriented story; Shanaya said in the event.

“My life is a film. It is my journey, but it’s a journey of the digital movie as well. “Coffee days” is the first attempt to show the women empowerment in a different perspective. We have planning to launch this film on the mobile platform as well, and we started working on a mobile app called “AbigailDM” for the launch”.

This time it will be a little larger scale investment for the production side and the digital marketing areas, Shanaya added.

According to Shanaya Abigail, the Coffee days is a dream project for her, she planned it earlier with his Ex. partner, but it didn’t work out at that point of time. The most important part of this film is it has a solid storyline. Most of these movie scenes had shot in Miami and New York. Rob Gulaz handled this time camera.

She is expecting the movie, Coffee days’ production to completed by the end of this September, and the post-production work will have to finish in October. If not much changes in the production line schedule, Abigail’s fans can have the real fun in November first week itself.

Shanaya Abigail is the trendsetter of digital and online movies. She comes out with a creative way of approach is the online sector. Her first super hit video was a photoshoot making, and the online world took a different approach towards that film, and that’s made a new trend in the web world. If we look at the latest trend in the online video industry, lots of upcoming models and actress followed her path to be like a Shanaya Abigail, but lack of creativity put them down in the bottom part.

If you have a look at all Shanaya Abigail’s movie, all of them are made in a different approaching angle. Her most money made film, “Abigail Nurse” was getting a cold approach in the first week of its release, but very quickly the world accepted the change, and it becomes turn in to one of the super hit movies of her.

Talking about the Coffee days, Rwziy, a partner of Abigail-D-Mark, said to the CBC News, “This film is a story based content, and it has a strong emotional and erotic undercurrent that craves for outstanding performance. I have been watching Shanaya Abigail’s path as a digital actor, and I felt that she would do an outstanding performance for this film.”

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