The Governor Will Return To Raj Bhavan Today.

The Governor Will Return To Raj Bhavan Today.

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan, who is in the middle of a fight with the state government, is expected to return to Trivandrum today. Since he took office, Khan has presented himself as a dedicated opposition of dishonesty. The fight that he has been in with the state government has taken its toll on him, and he has decided that it is time to fight instead of being a rubber stamp.

According to the latest announcement from Raj Bhavan, his arrival in Thiruvananthapuram is scheduled for 11 a.m. on Saturday. The Governor had promised to disclose a letter from Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and more proof supporting his claims against the government. However, he has not yet released any documents, and it is expected to be done after his arrival. The opposition parties are growing impatient and are demanding that he release these documents.

Despite the criticism raised by the CPM leaders recently, it is expected that Arif Mohammad Khan will reply to them. This is due to his history of unapologetically tackling contentious problems.

The governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammad Khan, had already made it clear that he would not sign the University and Lokayukta amendment bills. He stated that these bills would lead to chaos in the state and disrupt the existing law. He also said that the Raj Bhavan wants to verify more university placements.

This week, Pinarayi Vijayan held a press conference against the Governor. This made the fight between the Governor and the LDF leaders even worse. The press conference was in response to several allegations about the Kerala government that were raised by the Governor.

According to CM Vijayan, everything that the governor has said is nonsense, and the chief minister’s exaggerated statements in the press conference made the issue more political. Governor Arif Khan has taken a strong decision and put forward a few documents for the Presidency’s consideration regarding Lokayuktha.

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