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The Liberal media are in the race to hide the “communal side” of Bengal violence.

Some international media also highlighted in the headlines about the post-election communal violence in West Bengal. The Indian liberal media has shown an interest in obscuring the communal aspect of the conflict and portraying it as merely a political battle between the BJP and the Trinamool Congress.

Any human being would be heartbroken by the reports coming out of Bengal. More than 40,000 homes have been set on fire, and more than 3 lakh people have been evacuated to save their lives. Many have been injured and murdered in post-election violence. It included BJP and CPIM workers and their families.

Several political newspapers are working hard to overlook and add a political agenda, the post-election violence. Well-timed: two related analysis reports have appeared in These online news outlets frequently dismiss communal rioting in Bengal as “personal quarrels” or “politics.”

Advertisement raises a question in such a way its readers have to believe that it is not communal violence. The misleading article tried to whitewash Trinamool and Mamata Banerjee as a political agenda.

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Sunil Kumar
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