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The untold story of Lakshadweep

The rising problems in Lakshadweep came to the notice of the public when film stars Prithviraj, Salim Kumar, Geethu Mohandas, and Rima Kallingal came on the scene. Many activists doing save_Lakshadweep campaign have a clear political agenda behind it. A toolkit had released to integrate the campaign objective.

Soon after, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan came on the scene with the same kind of post. Shortly after this, many political cyber centers raised the issue, focusing on bringing a communal issue to it.

Many intelligence reports to the Indian Coast Guard show that Lakshadweep is heaven for international drug traders and, based on reliable information, ICG has seized drugs worth Rs.3,000 crore at Minicoy. The narcotic smuggling was operated by an international mafia and found in the sized boat, Ak-47 rifles, and 300 kg of heroin.


Sri Lankan workers in the boat revealed to the investigation team that they were waiting at Minicoy to get the signals to deliver narcotics in Lakshadweep.

Lakshadweep – summary.

Lakshadweep covers an area of about 32 sq km and consists of 36 islands. It has a population of about 66,000. Of these, 97 per cent are Muslims. In Lakshadweep, which has nine police stations and three police aid posts, only 182 cases were registered in 2019. The drop in cases here is that the Mahal Committees are settling cases following Islamic Sharia law. That is why the majority of complaints do not come to court.


Lakshadweep – history

Lakshadweep became a Muslim majority state during the rule of Tipu and Hyder Ali. Along with them, the Arakkal royal family forced the Hindus of Lakshadweep to pay the Jizya tax. Jizya’s speciality was to live as a Hindu should pay ten times more tax than usual. The majority of people in Lakshadweep were converted to Islam by mercilessly punishing non-taxpayers.

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Lakshadweep is the most strategic part of the Arabian Sea. The soil of Lakshadweep has long been regarded as a naval base for Pakistan and China. Many of these islands are still uninhabited.

Lakshadweep was home to Buddhists from the 6th century BC to 661 AD. The Arabs arrived here in AD 661. The Zamorin ruled Lakshadweep until the 18th century. With the conquest of Tipu Malabar, Lakshadweep also came under Tipu’s rule.

Lakshadweep became part of the Madras Presidency when the British formed it. When India was partitioned on August 15, 1947, the then naval warships were at the port of Karachi.

From there, they planned to come with a ship and hijack Lakshadweep. Realizing that the Pakistani navy ship would take at least two days to reach here, Sardar Patel sought the help of the Maharaja of Travancore, Shri Chithira Thirunal.

Travancore sent troops to Lakshadweep, where the Indian flag was hoisted, and troops lined up. At that time, Arcot brothers Ramaswamy Muthaliyar and Lakshmana Swamy Muthaliyar worked with Patel. That is how Lakshadweep became part of India.

Terrorist presence in Lakshadweep

On May 23, the Sri Lankan security forces alerted the Indian Coast Guard that a boat carrying 15 Islamic State militants had set sail from Sri Lanka for the Lakshadweep Islands. The ISI and Islamic terrorist organizations are preparing for the war in India from Lakshadweep.

The old SIMIs, led by the Sunni Students’ Federation, have been carrying out anti-national activities there for some time.

Five AK-47 rifles, 1,000 rounds of ammunition and 300 kg of heroin were seized from a boat off Minicoy Island in Lakshadweep on March 28, worth Rs. 3,000 crore.

On May 28, 2019, Lakshadweep Administrator Farooq Khan convened a high-level meeting on ISI terrorist activities in Lakshadweep. The meeting was called following intelligence reports that IS militants had disguised themselves as evangelicals on the Island. This is one of the reasons for strengthening the requirement for police permission for people coming to Lakshadweep.

Praful Patel – Island’s new administrator

Former Gujarat Home Minister Praful Patel’s arrival as an administrator has been a headache for terrorists and their supporters. When Praful Patel was the Home Minister of Gujarat, 150 people, including Gujaratis, were a hostage. Narendra Modi was the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, and, at the request of the then Home Minister Chidambaram, the hostages were released.

Therefore, Praful Patel has an accurate knowledge of things. It has been alleged that the youths here are criminals due to drugs smuggled from the mainland.

Since the arrival of Praful Patel, 18 raids have been carried out to end the smuggling. The new law has enforced against criminals on the Island. There is a substantial allegation that people from the film industry are also involved in smuggling drugs. Some industry professionals are still facing a trail of allegations about drug trade and usage. After the landing of Patel, the Coast Guard Act has been strictly enforced.

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