Top tourist places in Trivandrum for travelers.

Top tourist places in Trivandrum for travelers.

Kerala is heaven for worldwide travelers especially the tourist places at Trivandrum. The capital of the state is reached in its culture and tradition. Beaches and temples are the main attractions in Trivandrum. Let’s have look at the Trivandrum tourist place list.

Kovalam Beach

The wide helicopter view of Kovalam beach photo is very famous in worldwide travelers list. The beautiful beach wide photo was taken by Roberto Faccenda while he was in Trivandrum for a short trip.


Kovalam beach is a prime attraction for those travelers. The swaying palm, a coastline that is long, a lighthouse on the coast and far away the horizon is the description for this place. You can indulge on the beach in activities such as swimwear, snorkeling, catamaran rides, and biking.

Admiring the losing and the sunsets them into the skies hues is a complete joy for all beach lovers.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple


Anantha Padmanabhaswamy temple, which is located in the heart of Trivandrum inside the East Fort area, is devoted to Lord Vishnu. Another famous Pazhavangadi Ganapathy temple is very close to Padmnabh Mandir.

The Padmanabhaswamy temple is famed for having the deity from the sleep posture that is eternal. Additionally, it is regarded as sacred by the Hindus that come to worship the deity. For being among the 108 abodes of Lord Vishnu famous murals and rock carvings embellish the temple.


Agasthyakoodam is another tourist place in Trivandrum. It’s also known as the Agastya Mala gets its name among the Saptrishis of the Hindu Puranas, from The Hindu sage Agastya. The hill station is famous for its herbs that are of high value that is located on the hill’s slopes. Diverse in its flora and fauna additionally, it is a joy for the bird watchers.

Agasthyakoodam is those second highest hill in Kerala and is those source of the river Karamana, that fulfills those water needs of those city.

Poovar Island

Located on the Southern tip of Trivandrum is the gorgeous village of Poovar. The place was established as a shopping center in those early times is now a central traveler destination due to the amalgam of backwaters and island that together make it a splendid picture.

Quiet from the company of city life this shore is an excellent place to spend your entire day.


Ponmudi is another mountain station lying in that vicinity of that main city is a gorgeous place with windy paths and lush velvety green slopes.

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