What to do in Kovalam Beach while you travel in Kerala; here are some tips.

What to do in Kovalam Beach while you travel in Kerala; here are some tips.

From well-known tourist hot spots into local hideouts, nightlife that will spike your adrenaline into museums and art that will astound and humble you, not to mention plenty to eat in between these activities; these are of the top things to do in Kovalam Beach. Get served by topnotch bartenders and waitresses who also pull double role while singers, comedians, dancer and musicians in the cosy, French fashion Cabaret South Beach.

It’s an excellent break from the pulsing dance songs of most other clubs in Kovalam Beach at Trivandrum. Smoke a hookah while overlooking Collins Avenue out of D’vine Hookah Lounge, a first of its type for Kovalam Beach.

They’ve existed for over one hundred years now, beginning before Kovalam Beach was a city. Their flagship location in South Beach comes with a new crepe and Belgian waffle station, fresh farm eggs, sushi and more, all at a gorgeous beach club setting. Rent a lounge chair, and drink nice champagne on the shore. Rent some chairs and socialize with the singles in South Beach’s twelfth Street Beach, the most famous travellers beach in Kovalam inhabited largely by foreign travellers, a few local ladies, and curious tourists seeking to do some people watching.


Strip down and experience among the only clothing optional and many all the beaches in Kerala, the famous Kovalam Beach. Commonly listed as among the best fun beaches in the world, this large shore includes numerous tennis courts, a golf course, and numerous hotels within walking distance, so there is plenty to do while you are in the beach fun.

Take a 30 min between Kovalam Beach and Varkala Beach into Jungle Island, and small shops open the beachside which provides a slice of foods and drinks. Some hotels offer rainforest-like setting amid of the city life. After going to the Varkala beach, you can hang out in of the private Parrot Cove Beach, all for the cost of admission.

Family fun in Kovalam Beach.


Whenever your family visits Kovalam Beach, attractions for children are simple to find. Plan a trip to the Trivandrum museum, research your Seaquarium or go for a wild time with animals in the Zoo. There is something for everybody in the Beach State. The first thing to do is determine which Trivandrum attractions for tourists you’d like to see. When it opened, it was the most significant marine life attraction on the planet. It’s still among the best attractions in Trivandrum since households may encounter marine life up near the pools and take in the displays at their very own pace. Any budding biologists on your family will appreciate a chance to spend a day in the lives of a zoo trainer.

If seeing marine life’s your main goal, pick one of the resorts near the Kovalam Beach as the foundation of your Trivandrum family holiday. The Hampton Inn and Suites is only a brief drive away. This means your family may take a swim even following the dolphin encounter is over. Some of the best in Beach appeals for kids are near the core of the city. Just across the water from the charms at Museum Park. Here your children can explore a two narrative sandcastle, make their very own artwork and challenge themselves to scale the indoor stone wall.

Among the many Kovalam Beach attractions for tourists, this is the most child-friendly destination around. Choose a child-friendly hotel in Kovalam, close to many activities; if you wish to stay close to your beach without leaving your core of the city. If you bring a pet along on your next Kovalam Beach family member’s holiday, be sure to check for pet-friendly resorts in the area. The Epic Hotel in Kovalam has a reputation as among the best within the city. Along with all the usual facilities for your family, the Epic provides beds and dishes made specifically for pets.
Whenever you bring your pets, be sure to walk through one of your city parks. These brief excursions make ideal things to do at Kovalam with children and pets. They provide beautiful views of your city and your sea.

Museums are a number of the top appeals at Trivandrum, so consider wrapping up your visit with a visit to your Trivandrum Science Museum. Bring your family members to the planetarium or find your path throughout the seasonal exhibits. Probably the most intriguing thing to see at your museum and zoo is your wildlife centre. Here they rehabilitate injured eagles, hawks along with other native birds before releasing them back into your wild.

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