Movierulz Telugu people are arrested.

The Hyderabad Police received a complaint from the filmmaker, Gunasekhar, on October 10, 2019 and they did an immediate action to prevent film piracy and producers write. The Director whined that his new movie Rudramadevi was pirated and posted in a Movierulz website following the film launch on October 9. Police arrested 3 people in Hyderabad for violating the IT Act, 2008, and the Copyright Act, 1957. They discovered that the 3 detained students were functioning for Indians living in Sri Lanka who employ these pupils to pirate movies for Movierulz Telugu films.

Movierulz in Telugu Movies

Piracy has been impacting the box-office set of films around the world. Many websites throughout the world, like Movierulz, pirate films, and flow them online at no cost before the films may even launch. Fans who can’t await the film tend to download those pirated films, which contributes to a decline in the audience, which goes to theaters to watch the new hottest movies. Movierulz continues to be leaking content for quite a very long time now.


Movierulz is an Online Entertainment Platform that started to showcases new in South Indian Cinema in association with film producers. Its aim was to take the best of Telugu movies to Telugu people around the world. Movierulz makes it easy for you to find your favorite movies and TV shows. But unfortunately its objective was changed and turned in to movie piracy, later its end up in jail terms.

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About ‘Movierulz’

Movierulz is a piracy website notorious for enabling users to download pirated movies. This online site is liable for streaming the most recent Chines, Bollywood, English, Punjabi, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali and Telugu films before their launch or once they’re exhibited in theaters. With the increasing popularity of TV shows and internet series on tv stations and internet streaming programs, these are now readily available for illegal download on Movierulz.


Viewers can watch free movies online on those online platforms, frequently in full HD quality. But, production homes and celebrities have always asked the audience not to watch new movies on websites such as Movierulz and rather watch the films in theaters.

Movierulz in India

Considering that movie piracy is illegal in India, the Indian government has prohibited websites like Movierulz, but that’s failed to block the flow of films on these sites. To get around the ban, Movierulz online site keeps habitually changing its domain name expansion and retains leaking many movies from several movie industries illegally. The website then lets users to download complete movies in high quality on the internet.

What is the government doing to stop piracy?

The Government has been taken definitive actions to eliminate piracy of movies. According to Film Act-2019, any person found recording a picture without the film makers’ written approval can face a prison term for up to 4 years. Other than this, a fine of 15 lakhs may also be levied on the offenders. People circulating pirated copies on prohibited torrent sites may also will face a prison term.

Fined for downloading a movie illegally?

According to India’s piracy legislation, if an individual has been brought to the courtroom and it’s proven that he’s intentionally infringed or assisted somebody else infringes and obtain a pirated or pornographic film from Movierulz online site, then it could be thought of as a criminal action. The court will presume that the individual knew of the violation because, in most circumstances, the film includes a watermark or note, which suggests it is a copyrighted work.

Under the legislation, the penalty for someone being detained for their first such offense is a prison sentence for six months and three decades, using a fine between $50,000 and $200,000 (based on the volume of offense).

DisclaimerThe CBC news doesn’t aim to promote or condone piracy at all. Piracy is an act of crime and is regarded as a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This webpage intends to inform the general public regarding piracy and invite them to be more protected from these functions. We request you not to encourage or take part in piracy in any form.