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Two killed in UP over ‘cow theft’

Two people were beaten till death by a mob at a cow farm in Bahraich district of UP on Saturday, alleging that they attempted to steal a cow, the police said. The families of the victims demanded an effective inquiry about the murder.

Navas Khan and Nizar Mohamed were attacked at Amkolwa of Bahraich district. Nizar was killed on the spot near the cow farm. Khan died of injuries on the way to the hospital, according to police three people were arrested for interrogation related to this case.

Many cases have been registered for killing and stolen holy cow in UP and Bihar this year and most of the time the allegation was done by holy cow protectors or its associates. But the last few incidents are related to ‘cow theft’ mob attack and it’s within the Muslim community in the rural villages.


Riyaz Haafiz, Hameed Aboobacker, and Abdul Ghafoor were arrested by the Amkolwa police for there connection with the mob attack and murder.

Hameed has a cow killer in the village and Riyaz sells meat in the same area. Ghafoor is the helper to assist Hameed at his workplace.

Deputy SP Ajay Singh rushed to the village as a clash break out between the alleged attackers and the family members of the victims. The relatives claim the victims had gone out to relieve themselves when they were attacked.


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