Sasikala teacher and her family were abused: defamation case against Yathish Chandra.

Defamation case against Yathish Chandra for his action of abusing Sasikala teacher who trekked Sabarimala along with her irumudikett. Vijesh, son of Sasikala teacher has sent a legal notice against Yathish Chandra. The notice demands a penalty of twenty-five lakhs.

Yathish Chandra insulted Sasikala teacher and her family whereas they were traveling in KSRTC from Nilakkal to Sannidhanam. Vijesh said to Yathish Chandra that he’s talking to a woman, which provoked the police superior he ordered the constables to get Vijesh off the bus. This is when Mahesh, Sasikala teacher’s younger son responded, and he said we’ve got the tickets to travel then why should he get down. SP misused his authority and directed the cops to charge case against them for blocking him from his duties. As per the directions from SP the cops forcefully get them off the bus.

They were underneath custody against the law and order due to that the family’s journey was delayed. The notice states that Yathish Chandra or the cops failed to even take into account; the family carried three infants with them. Yathish Chandra’s speech was character assassination in the public. The notice additionally says that Yathish Chandra behaved to them with prejudice.