What makes people from Trichur so successful in the business, wherever they go ?

What makes people from Trichur so successful in the business, wherever they go ?

A district which is home to the men behind the brands : Lulu, Galfar, Kalyan, Alukkas, Nandilath, Ujala, Shobha, V-Guard, Good Knight, Elite, Chandrika soaps, Alappat, Josco, South Indian Bank, CSB, Dhanalakshmi Bank, Manapuram, KS, KLF, KPL, Oberon, Flora, Kallada, Chicking, Popular, Chackolas, Craft, Ahalia, Fathima, KM, Behzad, Hyson, Jaleel Trading.

Even Jubilee and Amala Medical Colleges are strong brands in the best among the private sector in the Kerala state. Prof. PC Thomas Entrance classes, what a pioneer he was.

No district in Kerala has such a track record…

What makes them distinct? You might have come across a “thrissurkaran” at some stages of your life. Like Sindhis and Marwaris, there is something about them. They are very proud of it.

1. The spiritual capital of the state & strong God fearing base.

A place, where both Islam & Christianity came to India, .home to the Guruvayoor temple & various temples including the famous ones in Trichur Round, Kodungaloor, the famous 4 temples( Nalambalam)…It is a very God-fearing district, In showing gratitude to ALMIGHTY, they are second to none

2. Deep knowledge in Finance.

3. Business is in their blood/Pedigree. Land of ancestral families.

4. Calculated risk takers.

5. The ability to seize an opportunity.

6. Aggression, guts & sharpness..

7. Knows the clear balance between work & play.

8. No nonsense and serious approach to a task.

9. Diplomatically cunning’. They know how to score the goal somehow.

10. The right mix of hard-work & smart work.

11. Strong family run business, where elders are respected and the next generation are properly groomed before the baton is passed on to the next generation.

12. “It is even in the air you breathe”, you naturally become one..as simple as that.

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