Young Miami Jeweler on the Rise.

Young Miami Jeweler on the Rise.

You might know him from his high-profile clients, or his highly popular Instagram account, but either way, there’s no missing Kris Lawrence in the jewelry world. Kris, also known as Kris The Jeweler, is a self-described hustler with an eye for style, elegance, and awe-inspiring designs.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Kris comes from street-smart parents who understand business and making money like most others don’t. Kris quickly followed in his parent’s footsteps, becoming a hustler himself. Kris describes hustling in a positive, passionate light as a desire to always do better, never settling for a mediocre life, and shunning the typical corporate America 9 to 5 life. Kris always saw himself excelling in life without needing a boss to tell him what to do every step of the way. Instead, Kris hustles every day to get where he wants to go, buying anything he can get his hands on to flip for a profit.

Kris started hustling around age 14 or 15, waiting in line for hours to buy the latest Jordan shoes so that he could resell them for a profit. At 16, Kris began flipping cars he bought on Craigslist. He was making decent money for someone his age, but Kris didn’t want to stop there — he always saw himself doing more and doing better, an admirable quality that so many young adults lack.

Kris The Jeweler

In 2017, Kris worked a security job at a nightclub on South Beach. He didn’t know what direction to take his life until he bumped into a famous and very well-off jeweler in Hollywood. Kris saw the flashy cars, expensive chains, and high-end watches and was instantly hooked.

Kris quickly asked the jeweler to let him in on the action, and the jeweler agreed. Kris worked diligently for two years, studying the process of buying, presenting, selling, and making connections and a client list before he moved on to set up his own business.

Three years later, Kris has worked with several famous athletes, including cornerback Steven Nelson, Steelers’ first-round draft pick Terrell Edmunds, and two-time Pro Bowl selectee Ferrell Edmunds. Kris has also made his mark in the music industry with rappers like Chicago’s 600 Breezy, and Miami’s Stitches.

Kris The Jeweler is on fire in the industry and in high demand. There’s no mistaking his dedication, attention to detail, and savvy business management, which is refreshing in a world where so many entrepreneurs try and fail to make it. Kris is a jewelry super star destined always to do better and go farther. After all, a hustler is always a hustler, and we all know that hustlers never give up.

Keep your eye on Kris Lawrence — you’d be a fool not to.

Kris The Jeweler is on the rise and already taking the jewelry world by storm.

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