Top 5 trending videos of Liza Koshy.

Top 5 trending videos of Liza Koshy.

The YouTube sensation Liza Koshy has been made many trending videos on the internet world. Now she is become one of the top trend setting video maker and gained millions of followers in social and entertainment platforms.

Her videos all are visually rich experiencing and every one is agreed with a point that Liza Koshy is an ultimate comedian and a multi talented television host as well. Her 17.5 million YouTube subscribers is just one point to prove it. Koshy has an another channel that also have millions of followers. The Indian origin, 25 years old Liza Koshy was born and raised in Houston.

She had started her YouTube career with Vine, a channel that was promoting up-coming talented comedian. Later Liza Koshy had build her on space in YouTube.

Koshy’s top trending videos on YouTube.

1. Naked – Liza on Demand.
This funny video has crossed 88 million views by now. The content is all about the new look of Liza Koshy as a life study model. A complemental comment through a dating app leads her to explore the possibility as a model. The web series’ extended videos are available on the premium platform.

2. The world’s best beauty hacks!
The ultimate comedy show was executed in a very creative way. It’s a tight slap for all cosmetics marketing videos. Many of her followers commented about her presentation and complemented Koshy’s beauty advice. She was wearing a Hogwarts T-shirt throughout the show. It has crossed 51 million views.

3. Get money! Dollar store with Liza Koshy.

This video looks like promotional content for Dollar Tree, a shopping mart that sells cheap products. Liza shares with her followers a few products that are made in China. This YouTube video has gained 47 million views and 1.1 million likes.

4. Recess with Liza.
Liza is going back to the memories and playing in a children’s park as a kid is all about in this video. She is having fun on the sliders and play ground. Many have shared their childhood memories in the comments. Several people have asked her to make a video based on old golden era music as well. This video also crossed 40 million views.

5. Liza’s permanent eyebrows

This video is all about the morning struggles and the direct indication of comfortable sports wear. The brand promotion has got enough coverage throughout the video. Liza has maintained her expressions to make the video more live and attractive. It also crossed 37 million YouTube views.

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