Zuni Short Film Goes Viral.

Zuni Short Film Goes Viral.

Zuni a short film by filmmaker Sanjay Mathew and Jyoti Bajaj goes viral. Film Produced by Ravinder Dariya and the production house was Big Bat films.

The fact of every human just waiting to be watched and then, will realize the missing truth. Yes, they are small aspects of life that one tends to ignore later to realize that they are the most important in life, which is very well outlined in Jyoti Bajaj’s script. The emotion built up consists of the film is tremendous and hits the viewer’s inner conscience only to realize that’s it’s a little late.

Director Sanjay Mathew has put his maximum effort to bring the emotional statement throughout the story. Actress Divya Dutta carried out her best in Zuni. She is a magnificent and matured actress and proved once again through Zuni. In the true sense, if you watch closely anyone can understand the emotions and it will reconnect to your parents with a deeper bond than ever. Padmini Sardesai as Zuni’s mom did very well in the film thought; her work leaves you spellbound.

Image credits: Sanjay Mathew

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