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Some good steps to celebrate this Eid festive seasons at more spiritual way!

There are many Eid festivals traditions that are gradually being lost in today’s high-tech, always-on-the-go world. But Ramadan is the perfect time to slow things down and get back to basics to really enjoy the season. Getting dressed well in Arab fashion is one of them. Hijab style is famous in the middle east on Eid occasions. New jilbab and abaya designs make the festive seasons more colorful in the kids’ Eid celebrations!

1. Decorating Home with crescent and stars.

For many Eid decorations are what make Eid festival is special. The right decorations at home and car can set the mood for a traditional Eid and let the whole family get involved in creating the holy month spirit. Always wear designer hijab that styles your festive seasons! The decorations can start at home from the first day of Ramadan.


Start with a nice crescent and some stars at the prayer room. Traditional decorations were all hand-made cards. Plan it before the Ramadan month, so you will get enough time to work it out.

Get the whole family together to create the decorations and do some embroideries on the cloths like hijab style and jilbab. Play the holy music at home to create a feel at home.

Nowadays holy sprit abaya designs also available in the shops and online markets, that can use to make the Eid celebrations in a religious way.


Check your near shops to get some designer prayer mat that gives the holey month feeling at the prayer rooms. Traditional Wooden Quran holder will give an authentic look to your prayer rooms.

Adding small colorful LED bulbs in the prayer room, at night it will give more energy and positive spirit.

2. The spiritual presence inside the car!

In the holy month of Ramadan, keep something spiritual in the car that brings the Ramadan feel. A small showpiece of the crescent is good to keep at the front of the car and also can place a tabletop calendar that shows the prayer time. Arabic clothing could place the background as well. Putting prayer beads tasbih also an ideal solution to bring the holy month mood in the car. Wearing traditional Arabic clothes while in travelling that can give you more energy in the job.

Wearing new Islamic traditional clothing on the Eid day for traveling and visiting friends or relatives that will make the day special for you.

3. Giving gifts on the Eid day!

Giving gifts to elders and kids on Eid day is an important activity nowadays. Instead of giving modern dress as gifts on the Eid day, give them a designer hijab style, jilbab or abaya dress. Giving Muslim fashion and Arabic clothing as the gift will keep the Eid festival spirit for long.

Islamic fashion dresses are available for all ages and abaya dress are available in the latest Muslim fashion and trend.

4. Baking and Cooking on the holy month.

Baking and cooking is the everyday event in the holy Ramadan days. Arabic iftar recipes are very common in the Muslim family. Dates are the important fast braking dish in the Arab world. The Islamic holy fasting can brake with organic fruit juice and natural dates.

5. On the Eid Day

There are lots of Eid day traditions that can help to create a celebration mood. One of the main celebrations on the Eid day is wishing Eid Mubarak to relatives and friends.

Kids can go to share sweets to their school friends with their new Eid designer dress.

Giving traditional Eid gift boxes and Islamic clothes to the elders at home will bring the cheers at their face on the calibration day. Inspirational speech on the Eid evening with family members before the iftar is a good idea. Telling Islamic history as a story to kids can help to improve their knowledge about Islam and its traditions.

These Islamic family traditions and Eid celebrations can be passed on from generation to generation, with each one can add their own inputs into it.

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